About us

In the context of the global freight forwarding & Logistics market, accompanying the rapid development of e-commerce and the automation industry are key drivers of the market. logistics school has grown rapidly. It is imperative that domestic firms follow suit in order to develop, professionalize, compete and integrate rapidly into the regional and world markets.

V-LINK’s activities are organized and implemented on the basis of internal connection, connecting with customers and partners to achieve the goal of bringing success to all. Our mission is: “Your success is our success“.

We link – We develop – We succeed

As one of the businesses in the field of Logistics, V-LINK always strives to provide the best service with the highest responsibility to bring the value higher than the expectations of customers.

V-LINK was born to become a leading enterprise in the logistics industry so we always perfect to become a professional logistics service provider, become a reliable partner of all customers, is The premise supports the customers to develop and integrate with the world economy.

All our actions and plans come from the needs of our customers.

Human resources development works according to internationalization criteria, meeting the needs of domestic and foreign markets. Contributing to the overall development of the country