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With the current dizzying development trend, our country’s import and export demand is constantly increasing. However, because the law has many new regulations for enterprises such as post-clearance inspection, tax calculation, e-customs declaration … Especially, there are more regulations, agreements and standards. , international conventions applied that businesses can hardly update timely. Through this article to provide useful information for readers and quickly find a cheap and reputable customs declaration service from V-Link Logistics Co., Ltd.

Cheap customs declaration service of V-Link Logistics Co., Ltd specializes in procedures for all types of export and import throughout the country. We combine harmoniously with Customs staff to handle shipments in two outputs – the fastest and most complete import. With our extensive experience and understanding of the law, our customs declaration service has helped our customers boost sales and maximize cost savings.

Experienced staff

Great benefit from cheap customs declaration service of V-Link Logistics Co.,Ltd:

Diversity, prestige, security:

There are cheap customs declaration services and varied:

  • Temporary import for re-export service, temporary export for re-import.
  • Import and export business services.
  • Outsourcing import and export services.
  • Import and export service of export production.
  • Import and export services on site.
  • Import and export investment services with tax and tax exemption.
  • Transit service.

Taking quality and reputation as a key for the company’s operations, ensuring information security for customers 100%.

Standard customs procedures

Quick and professional procedures:

V-Link Logistics Co., Ltd. is committed to providing cheap, timely and customs clearance services with full professional and quick procedures:

Applying for an export or import license: This step is extremely important, because the lack of a permit and a declaration of customs declaration is penalized. This step cannot be added to the customs declaration service, but some companies are still unfamiliar, so please let the cheap customs declaration service of our V-Link Logistics Co.,Ltd support always

Specialized inspection: such as quarantine, registration, quality inspection, chemical declaration …

Customs declaration service of V-Link Logistics Co.,Ltd with various types

Inspection: is the inspection of goods by customs officers, by scanners, or manual inspection. Thus, there will be additional costs for your business, so choose cheap customs declaration service V-Link Logistics Co.,Ltd package is the best choice.

Price consultation, post-clearance inspection: these steps may occur but not much.

Refunding import tax, VAT for imported goods: This service often arises but will also take a lot of time for businesses.

The reason should choose cheap customs declaration service of V-Link Logistics Co.,Ltd:

  • Good, professional and responsible staff.
  • Consult the most suitable and cost-effective service package for customers.
  • The most affordable cost in the market today.

Global connection

  • Customs declaration and cargo clearance is extremely fast, saving maximum time.
  • Customer information is 100% secure.
  • Maximize benefits in business for customers.
  • Use cheap customs declaration service to avoid unnecessary risks for your business.
  • Commitment to bring more value than expected by customers.

The cheap customs declaration service of V-Link Logistics Co., Ltd. with the motto “to connect – develop together – to succeed” always brings full benefits to customers. You choose V-Link Logistics Co., Ltd is the best choice because your business and trade will always be guaranteed convenient, accurate and most effective. Reference to understand our services.

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