Policy and service process

In addition to the products – cargo on the list of prohibited goods of Vietnamese law, V-LINK agrees to cooperate & transport cargo domestic and international by road, sea, air, as well as multimodal transport.

Customs declaration process

Step 1: Prepare the necessary conditions for customs declaration.

  • Install VNACCS customs tax declaration software and register user information, to transmit the declaration form.
  • Register digital signatures, register with the General Department of Customs: to be able to transmit the container / seal number, and electronic documents …
  • Prepare a set of goods documents such as sales contracts, commercial invoices, packing list, sea bill of lading / air waybill, certificate of origin, quality certification, insurance certificate … .
  • Registration for specialized inspection (if any): is the fact that the competent authorities will take the inspection sample to ensure that the goods are qualified for export or import.

Step 2: Declaring and transmitting customs declaration: done on customs declaration software VNACCS.

Step 3: Get the results of channeling (green, yellow and red).

Step 4: Pay taxes and take goods back or ship goods.

Process transport by air

• Survey of customers’ goods when customers contact our transport by air services.

• When the employee finishes surveying the shipment, then will send quotaiton to the customer.

• V-LINK Co., Ltd will transport goods according to the agreed date and time stated in the contract.

Note: Goods will be exported or imported are required to measure volume and weight as prescribed by international airlines.

Calculation of volumetric weight: length * width * height / 5000 (1m³ = 200kg).

Package volume is measured after packing, all types of goods are required to be packed before shipping

Volumetric units are referred to CBM.

Comparing the weight and actual weight, which side is larger will charge by that weight.

Process transport by sea

It is similar to air transport. V-LINK is also trying to develop services transport by sea with many types:

  • Full Container (FCL)
  • A Part of Container (LCL)
  • Project (super field, superweight, flat rack, opentop)
  • Consolidation/ Breakbulk
  • Chartering (chartering)                      

V-LINK Logistics has affiliation with most of the world’s known shipping lines: Hyundai, MCC, MOL, Sinokor, Hapag Lloyd, NYK, CMA CGM, TS Lines…to ensure the ready booking and competitiverates.

Process of domestic transportation

Inland transport is an important part of the Logistics chain. Therefore, V-LINK always strives to improve the quality of inland transportation services to provide customers with the most efficient shipping solution.

Freight transport by road

With a fleet of trucks and container trucks, we accepted:

  • Transporting goods for import and export of whole containers or retail goods from customer warehouses to Vietnamese ports and vice versa.
  • Transporting raw and container goods from warehouses to warehouses in Vietnamese territory.
  • Transporting transit goods through Vietnamese territory.
  • Relocation of offices, factories and personal properties.

 Transporting goods by inland North – South sea

We are currently operating a regular North-South shipping route with weekly services:

  • Transporting FCL goods from ports in Ho Chi Minh City – Hai Phong regional port.
  • Service of consolidating LCL from HCM to Hanoi warehouse.
  • Delivery service from warehouse to warehouse (combined with container truck / truck at both ends of HCM and Hai Phong ports)

Commitment on compensation, compensation of V-LINK Logistics

The policy of compensation and compensation is implemented by V-LINK Logistics in each specific case. If the situation arises beyond the agreement, V-LINK Logistics will conduct a stable agreement with the customer until it is agreed and proceed to the next step.

Under this policy, V-LINK Logistics accepts compensation and compensation for the following cases:

  • Lost goods due to transportation.
  • Goods damaged during transportation.
  • Errors caused by V-LINK Logistics affect goods.
  • Depending on the level and nature of each specific case, V-LINK Logistics will apply the most reasonable compensation to customers after reaching the agreement of both parties.

Where is V-LINK’s responsibility when goods are confiscated by competent state agencies?

Goods that occur in case of being confiscated by a competent state agency, we will assist the customer with the utmost in resolving and creating the best conditions for the customer not to be responsible for the law . In addition, support to promote the goods to be liquidated as quickly as possible from the State management agency. (We are only an intermediary unit to transport, so we cannot be 100% responsible for business people and state agencies).

High value items that unfortunately happen when trading, can they get a refund?

– As in our commitment, when we lose our customers’ goods, lost or misplaced during shipping, we will do our utmost responsibility and ability to check the status of the goods and bring it to customers as quickly as possible.

If this trouble is caused by us, we will refund the shipping fee of this shipment to you and bear the compensation as agreed (if specified in the contract), and will reduce the price for the following shipments (if you continue to use our services);

In case of not finding your goods, refund the shipping fee of this shipment to you and bear the compensation according to the agreement (if there is a contract in the contract), we will pay the amount This item is exactly the amount shown in commercial invoice, and assists you in carrying out procedures & shipping the amount of compensated goods for consignee (in case of consignee requesting to receive compensation).

– All orders have a transaction history with shipper (shipper) & consignee (consignee), we receive packaged goods, raw materials, raw materials.

We have the task of receiving goods and shipping goods, on behalf of shipper (shipper) to deliver the full quantity & weight of goods (as shown in the shipping documents shown) to consignee (consignee).

For questions about the quality of goods, as well as the number of items inside each package, shipper (shipper) & consignee (consignee) can work directly together to get more clarity. For more information, please visit https://v-link.vn/!

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