Privacy policy

In order to protect the interests of customers as well as enhance our reputation in the process of providing Logistics services, V-LINK Logistics constantly reinforces and enhances the privacy policy of personal information with specific terms as below.

A. The purpose of collecting personal information

We collect personal information of customers to serve the purpose of providing Logistics services provided by V-LINK to the right customers and V-LINK’s own marketing and customer care activities.

V-LINK only uses Customer’s import history information for the purpose of improving the service for the Customer itself and for the purposes of V-LINK’s own market overview statistics.

B. Range using information

We are committed to using only personal information of customers within the above purpose and internal circulation only.

Only authorized people can access, edit, and manage personal information of customers.

In addition, customer information will be kept confidential and will not be leaked in any way.

C. Time to store information

The online storage period is at least 24 months from the time of information generation. V-LINK will record the actions, actions and exchange contents of the Customer when accessing and using V-LINK’s services in order to ensure the safety and clarity of the transaction, as well as improve customer service quality.

During this time, information will be stored, secured through the best software and security systems, minimizing the status of theft, leakage or loss of customer information.

D. People or organizations may have access to that information

Only authorized people who undertake the task of collecting and managing customer information can perform the collection and management of information through the company’s software.

We will take responsibility and strictly handle in case of detecting that the information of the customer is violated by an unauthorized person and does not undertake his/ her duties.

E. Address of the information collection and management information

Our department specializes in the collection and management of our information is the only unit with the right to collect and manage customer information. In addition, no one has the right to perform these tasks.

V-LINK is committed to absolute confidentiality of Customer’s source information. Acts of revealing a Customer’s source to competitors from any V-LINK personnel are strictly prohibited.

F. Methods and tools for consumers to access and edit data

Consumers who want to access and edit information need to come directly to our office or contact via hotline, website, email, … if required, content to edit data. Our team of staff who undertake the task of collecting and managing information will conduct data repair according to customer requirements.

G. Mechanism for receiving and resolving consumer complaints

In case the customer discovers that their information is leaked due to our error, please contact us as soon as possible for consideration, support and compensation. We are ready to take responsibility and handle, protect the interests of customers in the best way in this case.

When customers discover that their information is misused, please contact us, stating the problem to our customer care department. We will review, find out the reason, determine the damages and compensation accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding privacy policies, please contact V-LINK by visiting website: for advice and best support.

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