General policies and regulations

Thank you for visiting the website: as the official information channel of V-LINK LOGISTICS CO., LTD.

When you visit our website, you agree to the terms stated on the website. The website reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove any part of the Terms and Conditions of Use, at any time, the changes take effect immediately upon posting on the website without prior notice. Please check regularly to update our changes.

Commit to V-LINK’s services

Our commitment:

  • The highlight of our service is our commitment to providing our customers with Logistics services that exceed our customers’ expectations with our mission: “Your success is our success“.
  • We do this by listening to and deeply understanding our customers’ requirements, cooperating with our customers to propose and deploy the most optimal solutions that fully meet the desires, bring satisfaction Absolute crush for customers.
  • High professional capacity, persistence determined to implement well the commitment to serve customers, which is the main reason for us to develop strong, become the largest and most reputable Logistics service provider of Vietnam in the future.
  • V-LINK Logistics is always aware that Customers are the most important factor, deciding the future and development of our Company. So V-LINK’s job is “SERVE” and meet the business needs of customers. Customers are an integral part of V-LINK.

Service provision policy

Service quality standards:

  • Standard of completed results, time to complete services are specified in the contract signed with customers.
  • Free consulting services provided by the company in a comprehensive, accurate and timely manner to bring long-term benefits and cost savings to customers, but must ensure compliance with the law the law.
  • Constantly improve the quality of staff and always bring the spirit of learning to meet the job and bring the best service for each customer.
  • Always listen to and respect customers ‘opinions, promptly and effectively solve customers’ requests.

Customer consultant:

Consulting is an important part to solve the problems of customers in the Logistics industry, so it is important to focus on it because it is also the quality of service provision of the Company:

  • Make sure the hotline and phone numbers of all employees are available 24 hours a day.
  • Counseling attitude must be dedicated and responsible, ensuring answers to customer inquiries.
  • Understand the needs and desires of customers to provide the most accurate and accurate advice to save time and optimize costs for each customer.
  • Each employee must always learn, always update new knowledge in the specialized field and legal documents to better serve the advice.


The company understands that HR is a special factor affecting our success and failure. So we always attach importance to building a high quality staff and also a representative image of the company:

  • Staff must have specialized Logistics knowledge and graduate from regular College or above.
  • Have industry experience of at least 1 year.
  • Employees working with customers always have a gentle and professional attitude.
  • Employees must master the knowledge when working with customers to ensure the most accurate way.
  • Each employee must be responsible and self-conscious to bring the best service to each customer.

Customer reviews

Our company is extremely grateful and thank you for your comments and suggestions for the purpose of building and developing the company more effectively. All of your comments and information are kept confidential, and we are committed to not disclosing to third parties.

All website content and your critical comments are our property. If we detect any fraudulent information, we will take measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our company in accordance with Vietnamese law.

Dispute resolution

Any dispute, complaint or dispute arising out of or in connection with the transaction, or these Regulations and Conditions shall be settled by negotiation, mediation, arbitration or Court by law.

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