Import and export services at Hochiminh City

Import and export is currently a hot field due to the changing consumer demand. And import and export services with a variety of services will help customers solve all stages of import and export of goods.

In order to be able to import and export a certain item, it is necessary to go through many transportation stages as well as different types of papers and procedures. This is not simple at all and to solve the problem for businesses, many companies providing import and export services in Ho Chi Minh City have been established to provide all types of services from shipping to shipping. transfer and import goods into stock. Import-export services help businesses reduce costs and make an order time much faster. One of the leading import and export service providers is V-LINK LOGISTICS CO., LTD.

Import and export is an area that many people are interested in today

The services that V-LINK provides to customers

Understanding the demand for import and export of goods is very big, therefore, V-LINK LOGISTICS CO., LTD provides customers with full range of import and export services which are:

Customs declaration service:

Customs declaration service is the most important stage in the import and export of goods. Goods are only cleared and transported when agreed with the customs of the countries. This is considered a “gatekeeper” to issue a passport for goods. From time to time, all things related to administrative procedures almost everyone is very hesitant. Now this issue has been resolved thanks to V-Link’s import-export service. All procedures will be resolved quickly so that goods can be imported in the most convenient way.

Air services:

Import and export goods will be shipped quickly when using air routes. You also don’t have to worry about damage and risks during transportation. However, with such advantages, the price will be higher than other shipping ways.

Seaway services:

Using this service will help transport large quantities of goods with multiple containers at a time. However, the time will be quite long and if not, the procedure will be much longer.

Inland transport service:

Is the transportation of goods by road in the territory of  Vietnam quickly and efficiently. If your warehouse is far away from the port or you want to transport large quantities of goods, you should use this type of service.

Cargo insurance agent:

For perishable goods, customers should buy insurance for their goods so that if there is an accident, it will not cause too much damage.

International courier service:

The sending of goods abroad to relatives and friends is currently a fairly popular type of service and V-Link’s import and export service will also provide giving customers this service makes it easier than ever to transport goods.

Warehousing and packaging services:

Goods are not always able to perform import and export quickly and easily. In the meantime, V-Link also provides warehousing to support customers before exporting goods and importing goods into warehouses.

Import and export of entrustment and trade representatives:

Means that V-Link will receive entrustment from customers to directly import and export goods and represent customers for transactions.

Import-export companies provide a wide range of services for customers to choose

Reasons why customers choose V-Link’s import-export service

  • Providing the best export and import service to all customers. This is definitely what any company that operates in this field wants.
  • Always ready to serve customers wherever customers are, how many goods are available and at what time. V-Link is committed to accompanying our customers with the best support.
  • Reasonable cost level is always something that V-Link is interested in reducing the lowest cost for customers as well as helping consumers buy products at affordable prices.
  • V-Link Company always has a difference for other companies providing import and export services thanks to the enthusiasm of the employees working at the company. Everyone is always creative, enthusiastic and responsible for the work they are doing.
  • Always maintain a good and long-term relationship with all customers after using the company’s services.
Let choose reputable companies and quality

With all kinds of export and import services that V-LINK LOGISTICS CO., LTD is providing to customers, the company always believes in helping customers operate smoothly and quickly. and most effective.

Cheap customs declaration servive and professional

With the current dizzying development trend, our country’s import and export demand is constantly increasing. However, because the law has many new regulations for enterprises such as post-clearance inspection,

Price list for customs declaration services

Customs clearance is one of the tasks to be done to complete the customs clearance for export or import shipments of customers. In this article, we will provide a customs clearance service quote to you

Regulations and method of payment

For the convenience of both parties as well as saving time in the process of using the service, customers should consult the regulations and forms of payment that we provide below: Regulations and method of payment: We currently offer 2 current top payment methods that are cash payment and bank transfer payment. The customers who…