Regulations and method of payment

For the convenience of both parties as well as saving time in the process of using the service, customers should consult the regulations and forms of payment that we provide below:

Regulations and method of payment:

We currently offer 2 current top payment methods that are cash payment and bank transfer payment. The customers who want to choose which form of payment need to consult carefully the terms and conditions that we give below in order to have the most accurate preparation and implementation.

1. Cash payment method:

In case the total value of payment is under VND 20,000,000, customers can choose to pay by cash directly to our employees. Customers should note that the collector is the person authorized by the Company, so the customer should consult and understand this information carefully, in order to avoid unnecessary confusion or loss.

Note, customers only pay for our staff when there is one of the documents: Company introduction letter, employee card, ID card of the person listed in the referral …. to protect your rights and avoid fraud.

In case customers pay for those who do not present or do not provide all the above documents, customers absolutely do not make payment to limit the situation of fraud.

Customers who make a cash payment do not guarantee the notes we mentioned above, we are not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.

2. Payment transfer method:

Domestic payment:

  • This method applies to all local customers who want to pay via Internet banking or online payment services at local banks.
  • Customers who choose this form of payment need to carefully understand the information on payment account to accurately transfer and avoid confusion and misplacement.

International payments:

  • This method applies to all international customers (business account holders) at international banks. We support international payment for many different types of accounts.
  • When selecting this form, customers need to notify us via phone, Email, SMS, etc. when you have made a full money transfer / transfer. Immediately after receiving confirmation from the bank, we will notify the customer to confirm. In case customers do not receive confirmation from our bank, customers should actively contact for assistance and timely processing.
  • We will not be responsible for errors in the transfer or wrong transfer of information. You must work directly with the bank to resolve the above error.

If you have any questions regarding our regulations and forms of payment, please contact for best advice and support.

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