Price list for customs declaration services

Customs clearance is one of the tasks to be done to complete the customs clearance for export or import shipments of customers. In this article, we will provide a customs clearance service quote to you.

Customs declaration

The price list of customs clearance services will help businesses, individuals and organizations wishing to use customs clearance services without any price-related concerns to help each other help each other Best cooperation and development.

What does the customs clearance service charge include?

Customs declaration service fee is the service charge for the following specific tasks:

  • Prepare customs dossier set
  • Upload and transmit declarations with VNACCS software
  • Submit the application and proceed to the customs office
  • Liquidation of declarations
  • Get orders from shipping lines and order at ports.

Types of customs quotation service

By region, specifically:

In each region, there will be different rates for customs declaration services. The price of services at the border gates will be much different. At the Ho Chi Minh City border gate, there will be a higher price for customs declaration services than Hai Phong and Da Nang border gates.

Under the mode of cargo transportation:

  • Customs declaration services by different modes of transport will be different due to the particular mode as well as the time required to release the regulated goods.
  • Customs declaration service for goods using the method of transporting goods by water is usually lower than the method of transporting goods by air.
  • For express delivery goods, there is usually a low volume with a low value on the bill of the shipment, so the service fee in this case is usually much cheaper.
Tariffs for customs declaration services will vary depending on the specific case

By type of import and export:

  • Depending on the different types of export and import, the price of customs clearance services is also different. These export and import forms can be business, non-commercial, export processing zones, …
  • For each type of import and export, it has been stipulated on requirements and separate implementation steps. Therefore, the price of customs clearance services for each type of import and export is not the same.

According to each specific commodity:

  • Different types of goods will have different characteristics. It could be machinery, wood, scraps, cars, food, … with characteristics, preservation, transportation, … not the same.
  • Therefore, depending on the specific type of goods, the customs duty rates will be reported according to each specific shipment to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the transport process.

What to do when asking for a customs clearance service quote?

Currently, there are many units that have a need to ask for a customs clearance service quote. And to get an informative and reliable quote, you need to be aware of the following:

Prepare key information about your shipment

The preparation of complete and accurate information about your shipment will help the units avoid the case of being rejected by the customs authorities to quote the details of the goods.

You need to know the minimum information about your goods lot such as type, quantity, type of declaration, … so that the customs office can give a detailed quotation rather than the level General service prices for all types of items.

Please read carefully the details of the customs authorities listed specifically

Carefully reading the details of the customs authorities listed will help you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings about service rates.

Because the quotations do not normally include carriers’ surcharges, you will either miss this fee and lead to the incorrect pricing of the service.

Consideration should be given to offering the required price

The consideration of offering the required price will help both parties save some time. You should make clear and specific requests if your party has made similar shipments and asked for a new unit quote.

V-Link- unit provides professional customs clearance service

It is recommended to quote for shipping and forwarding services

For the convenience of consulting and negotiating on both sides, you should let the service unit know so that they can always quote the freight forwarding service. The reason why you should do this is because customs services will usually come with shipping service. As a result, you can know the most specific and accurate customs declaration service.

Service of customs clearance prestige and quality

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