V-Link Logistics mechanism of recruitment

Understanding the importance and role of staff in the process of providing Logistics services, we always focus on recruiting highly qualified people, specialized experience and high service attitude. That is why there is a very strict recruitment policy to ensure the best service for customers.

Quality qualification staff

Employee qualification is one of the top criteria for us to seek and select bright candidates for our team.

We are constantly looking for highly qualified, skilled and experienced employees, dedicated to the profession. These criteria are the most important criteria, deciding the quality of operations, work as well as the ability of employees to develop themselves in the competitive working environment of our company.

Our employees are those who are required to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in regular or higher education, majoring in reputable import-export or business management. Therefore, those who want to apply for positions in the company need to prepare relevant papers and qualifications to meet recruitment criteria and show their own strengths.

We always give priority to those who have ever had a long working experience in the relevant field and have passion, enthusiasm and willingness to work in the company’s environment.

Recruitment mechanism and criteria

V-Link Logistics Co.,Ltd offers very strict recruitment criteria, in order to select the most valuable and worthy candidates for the positions that they choose. Specifically, we recruit our candidates based on the qualifications, qualifications and experience of the candidates.

The qualification and experience of the candidate will be reviewed and evaluated based on the tests, direct interviews, to accurately assess and select candidates based on their qualifications and practical experience of them.

Depending on the title, the position that the criteria and recruitment requirements we give will be different. We always want to select the best and most suitable candidates for the position we require. Therefore, candidates should be best prepared for the test and interview given by us in order to achieve the best results.

Commitment to recruitment mechanism

With the desire to find the most deserving candidates, we always try our best to provide strict, strict and quality recruitment mechanisms.

We are committed to organizing a professional and methodical recruitment process. In particular, during the recruitment process, we are committed to no fraud or bias.

The criteria set for each position will be specified and applied to every recruitment phase, making it possible for all candidates to consult specifically.

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